Cambridge, Massachusetts - 1-Day Professional Development Workshop at BioBuilder Learning Lab at LabCentral


This 1-day advanced workshop is intended for teachers who have used the BioBuilder curriculum in their classrooms / programs or have previously attended a BioBuilder 3-day professional development workshop.  Focus of the workshop: the assembly of DNA circuits. Learn how to put pieces of DNA together in this research-based synthetic biology workshop.  This workshop is ideal for teachers looking to support capstone research classes, science fairs, or after-school programs.


Lunch is provided.


Register online here.


Registration is $100 per person.


Lead Instructors:

Dr. Natalie Kuldell is the Founder and Executive Director of BioBuilder. Dr. Kuldell develops discovery-based curricula drawn from current literature to engage undergraduate students in structured, reasonably authentic laboratory and project-based experiences. She completed her doctoral and post-doctoral work at Harvard Medical School, and taught at Wellesley College before joining the Department of Biological Engineering faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Michael Edgar is a high school teacher at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts, teaching Honors Biology, Advanced Biology, and Molecular Genetics.


Minimum of 15 participants required.  Details will be emailed to participants 1 month prior to the workshop, including directions, parking, and schedule.

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