Online Learning series: Bio-Engineering for a Changing World


Online webinar (Zoom link)


This live "Bio-Engineering for a Changing World" four-part workshop series will run from March 23-26, from 2:00-4:00PM EST each day, and each workshop will include a lecture, as well as an interactive "in the news" component.

Series Description: The industrial revolution in the 19th century and the digital revolution in the 20th century forever changed our world, adding speed and efficiency to almost every aspect of our lives. The 21st century is ushering in a third revolution, one that uses biology to meet local and global challenges. Cells are becoming a platform technology for making sustainable food and fuel, as well as novel high-performance materials, medical diagnostics, and targeted therapies. This four-part workshop will dive into the DNA language that encodes cells and how it can be deployed in scientifically sound ways to engineer solutions to challenges we read in the news.

Instructors: The series will be led by Dr. Natalie Kuldell, BioBuilder Founder and Executive Director and MIT faculty in the Department of Biological Engineering. Dr. Kuldell will be joined by synthetic biology doctoral students from the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, the MIT Media Lab, and Dr. Adam Santone, who specializes in data visualization and K-12 STEM education.

This material will be of particular interest to high school biology students familiar with the ideas that:
- Cells are the basic unit of life (matter)
- DNA encodes information that can be transcribed into RNA, which can then be translated into proteins (bits)
- Energy can be converted from one form into another (joules)

The fee for the series is $250.00. More information on curriculum can be found in the program flyer at:

The workshop will be held through a Zoom videoconferencing link. Please sign up for for a free Zoom account before attempting to access the workshop link. Participants will receive the link to join the series by 12:00PM EST on March 23.
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