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04.24.2019_Kids Who Clone: Making the Invisible Visible - Bedford MA (CANCELLED)


BioBuilder Learning Lab
700 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States of America
Room Number: @LabCentral


Synthetic biologists create new organisms by modifying the DNA of existing organisms.  But since DNA is too small to be seen, how do researchers know that their new organisms will work the way they predict?  In this class, we will learn about the DNA sequences that control when information is turned “on” or “off” in bacterial cells.  Students will measure bacterial population density using a spectrophotometer, and will perform enzyme assays to determine how changes to DNA control sequences affect gene expression.  By the end of class, students will understand how scientists use reporters like B-galactosidase to make the invisible, visible! Lab will end with an exercise in design, using the lab’s tools and concepts to address challenges impacting our world.

Intended Age Group: 6th-8th grade. This workshop is scheduled for April 24, 2019, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for the Bedford Youth Program.

Required background: Some understanding of cells and cell function. A working knowledge about DNA as the coding language of cells. Familiarity with a laboratory environment is helpful but not required. When registering, please enter the name of the participant as it should appear on a name badge. 

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